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MUBS-Mbarara Campus Sports Open Day

The MUBS- Mbarara Campus sports Minister in conjunction with the students Guild Leadership
organized a one day sports event with an objective to develop the talent. The 1st edition sports open day took place on Saturday February 17, 2017 at Kayeeka stadium. The seemingly very simple and colorful event portrayed the solidarity among the students at the Regional Campus, the direct interface between the players themselves, as it was attended by the multitude of participants
representing different universities / institutions and secondary schools in the region. Some students
were seen flying the banners and stands of their respective schools, eager to excel and emerge
the best in the various competitive activities of the day.

The institutions and schools participated included, Bishop Stuart University- BSU, Mbarara University
of Science & Technology-MUST, Uganda Martyrs University-UMU Nyamitanga, Hill Side High School, Nyamitanga Secondary School, Aisha Girls High School to mention only but a few. Institutions were free to register for any of the numerous sports activities of the day.

Interestingly enough MUBS as the host organized a fantastic gala where it enabled everyone to actively participate in various activities of the day either directly or indirectly, unfortunately they lost the tournament with no single trophy!!!! Some students participated directly on the team in football,
netball, volley ball and athletics while others were happily morale boosting the players with claps,
vuvuzelas and shouts of encouragement.

By Diaz Kadugara- Administrator Mbarara Campus

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