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I borrowed to gain an international exposure

Annually MUBS students visit Drake University in the USA through the student exchange programme
between the two universities. In February 2017 the Faculty Of Commerce organized a study tour to the United States Of America and Sister Nuwagaba a BESBMIII had to borrow money to gain international exposure, she shares her experience.

It was a long awaited dream that was finally fulfilled February 2017. Far back in my childhood I had dreams that seemed strange and impossible to anybody else. I am glad that almost all of them
are being realized now. As a toddler, I thought taking a flight was a super achievement on earth
and a short cut to heaven and so I desired to.

Behold, the day finally came that retrieved my childhood dream – smelling the aero plane. As a toddler I hardly believed that a normal person could fit in an aero plane. It was beyond my imagination indeed. Hidden in the conscious, it was later retrieved when the Dean faculty of Commerce Dr. Isaac Nkote announced in the BESBM class the opportunity to participate in a study tour in the USA. I was excited and started imagining myself in the USA before I was approved to be a participant. I submitted all the requirements, did interviews and I was finally selected.

I only had three (3) million shillings yet the required was USD. 2100. The money I had was not enough to ensure the desire of a young Justine who had wished to smell the aero plane but I was determined to acquire an inter-continental experience as an adult.

I solicited for funds in the best way I could, it was not so promising, I finally borrowed to achieve
the childhood dream in a more transformed way than just smelling the aero plane. However, my appreciation to all who made the dream unfold. I remained focused despite discouraging statements from friends except a handful. The baby Justine insisted, it’s now! We must go. Finally I made it to USA. Indeed a dream never dies, instead it opens other windows for unique and higher opportunities and it is a motivator.

Yes, the motivation was now different in comparison to smelling the aero plane. As we sat for long
hours, I, the aspiring entrepreneur was eagerly waiting to see how business in the developed
country is conducted. My question was; where is the difference? The difference lies in attitude
towards work, passion, governance systems, education system and nurturing, power distance,
time utilization, use and perception of technology. However, I noticed that people struggle in the
same way as those in developing countries to achieve their desires and build their future. They
experience wounds and scars but they persist and keep nursing the wounds till they get there.

It’s on this basis that I said; yes, it is possible! The treasure of excelling is within a person. Thus you
and I can make it; we just need to take the lead by nurturing the inborn leader in us.


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