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Government to invest more in the youth

The State Minister for Privatization and Investment, Hon. Evelyn Anite Among advised the youth to acquire entrepreneur skills that will enable them see opportunities they can take advantage of in order to create jobs.

The Minister made the remarks at the MUBS 7th youth Camp which was held on March 24, 2017 at the ABD Building, Nakawa Campus.

Every year the MUBS Outreach Centres including, the Leadership Centre, Entrepreneurship Centre, ICT Centre and Career Guidance office organize the Youth Camp that is intended to bring them together to share, learn and network. Such activities help the young people to make good decisions that will positively impact their entire career and life.

State Minister for Privatization and
, Hon. Evelyn Anite Among

The Minister told the youth that the NRM government has already made the environment very conducive for them to start income generating activities adding that the challenge is for the young generation to expand on what they have already started doing.

She told the youth, that skills requirements were becoming more sophisticated with the few job openings where most employers are now focusing their employment on recruiting experienced and skilled manpower. You need a very good foundation at first degree level and additional qualifications plus technical skills which have now become almost a requirement to effectively compete in the job market.

She reemphasized that entrepreneurship is the single most important engine through which household incomes can be realized, improve living conditions and create employment thus reducing poverty among the young people of Uganda.

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