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MUBASA Hand Over Ceremony

The function for the outgoing and incoming Chairpersons and members were held on  May 06, 2016 in the Silver Springs Hotel in Bugolobi. Dr. Isaac Magoola, the outgoing Chairperson of Makerere University Business Academic Staff Association (MUBASA) thanked the members of staff, Management for honouring the invitation. He said that as leaders, we should demonstrate democracy. “I could have stood for the second time, but since there are some stakeholders also, there is need to leave room for others”. The outgoing chairperson said that they successfully rejected the implementation of other degree awarding institution status. They won the battle but the war is still on.

Dr. Magoola advised the new leadership under the chairmanship of Dr. Ahimbisibwe to practice academic freedom in order to succeed. “You should uphold the law and policies made under it, respect national justice, respect all people in official positions however small it is and finally set a few objectives and accomplish them. When you set many, you will be setting yourself a trap”. he said. The outgoing members of MUBASA were given certificates in honour of the services rendered to the association. The incoming office bearers were also sworn in during the same occasion. Below is the New list of the MUBASA leadership 2016:

  • Dr. Arthur Ahimbisibwe as chairperson of MUBASA
  • Dr. Isaac WanzigeMagoola- Vice chairperson of MUBASA
  • Ms. Zaina Nakabuye- General Secretary
  • Mr. Douglas Ssenoga- Public Relations& Welfare committee
  • Ms. Carol Kiriza- Member
  • Ms. Mauren Mukoda- Member
  • Mr. Gonzaga Basulira – Member
  • Dr. Muhammad Ngoma- Member/ Research committee
  • Dr. Ernest Abaho- Member
  • Dr. Vincent Bagire_ Member
  • Mr. Sam Musigire- Member
  • Dr. Isaac Nkote- RBS/ NIC Representative
  • Mr. Onesmu sKamachoko- Treasurer.

The function was also graced by the Deputy Principal, Dr. Moses Muhwezi, who represented the Principal- Prof. Waswa Balunywa. Dr. Muhwezi thanked the chairperson for inviting him, hence making him to be part of the association. He said, “We all know the importance of MUBASA and we also know the importance of Trade Unions of staff associations. As an Institution and as an Association, I think the welfare of staff is important. The point I am making is that this perception that there is Management and there is MUBASA and we are apart should stop. I take this opportunity to call upon my colleagues to join hands for the good of this association. We should use our brains so that we can make money. What you should bear in mind is that there is no institution without challenges. We shall improve, provided that we have trust in ourselves. As MUBS, we have that unique culture and achievements. These are very clear to us and we shall support one another. We cannot fail to win using our own minds and skills. I urge you as a group that there is a way we can solve problems and we keep moving. We must resolve to build the institution because it is what we should be in the future. So, I call upon you to join hands and not to tear it apart. As intellectuals, we should use our intellect to have that minimal dominion of knowledge”. He also advised Dr. Arthur Ahimbisibwe to be a real leader. “Overcome any pride in you and lead these people. They have entrusted and voted for you. Don’t let them down. We are here to support you and we shall work together”.

“I thank all of you for inviting me and I once again thank you all for coming and I wish everybody a successful career. Thanks a great deal for listening to me”. he said.

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