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Bayiga the boldest woman in MUBS

MUBS joined other companies everywhere in the world to recognize the accomplishments that their female employees contribute to their success as one of the events to celebrate the International Women’s day on March 8, 2017.

MUBS through the Women’s Forum paid tribute to the boldest female staff in the Security Department Ms. Josephine Bayiga. This year’s International Women’s day was celebrated under the theme ” Be Bold for Change”.

The MUBS Women’s Forum carried a survey in the School and identified Ms. Josephine Bayiga to be the boldest female staff in the School service and she was awarded accordingly.
Every day, in their relentless and courageous work for MUBS, women are the living illustration of MUBS’ commitment to the advancement of the rights of women and girl child. MUBS Management came up with the concept of the MUBS Women’s Forum as fora for promoting gender equality focusing primarily on students.

The Forum is supported by three out-reach Centres; Career Guidance Centre, Leadership Centre Entrepreneurship Centre and ICT Centre. It is a monthly forum that causes discussion of topical gender issues.

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