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More Women Needed in Higher Education Institutions’ leadership – Deputy IGG

Ms. Wangadya and Hon. Miria Matembe lighting the candle in recognition of Women in society

The Deputy Inspector General of Government, Mariam F. Wangadya has called for recruitment of more women in the leadership of Higher Education institutions in Uganda. She said this will help
inspire young girls in school as well as give them role models; a move that will boost their interest in socio-economic issues affecting grass root women.

“Despite the creation of a Directorate of Gender Mainstreaming at Makerere University, significant gaps remain; for instance only 1 out of the 10 college Principals is a woman and only 13% of Professors and Associate Professors are women,” she said.

“Such low representation creates a shortage of role models for girls and a lack of interest in socio-economic issues affecting grass root women,” she added.

Ms Wangadya made the appeal while addressing the MUBS Community during the International Women’s day celebration on March 8, 2017 which was organized by the MUBS Women Forum at Nakawa Main Campus. The forum was running under the theme “Be Bold for Change.”

She said that Women academics bring a unique and dynamic way of thinking that supports persistent issues of starvation, poverty and malnutrition.

“The world of academia and research is male dominated; so are many problems to which women can offer solutions, because they bear the responsibility of carrying and raising children and feeding their families,” she said.

She cited the example of Makerere University’s best student in the academic year 2016, Sarah Namboozo who also hailed from MUBS. Namboozo currently has her own company where she employs about 20 people.

Ms. Wangadya who also served as a Commissioner at the Human Rights Commission for 17 years challenged parents to be deliberate about equipping girls to be confident and to follow their dreams against all odds.

She lauded the NRM government for “placing the women agenda high on its policy agenda right since 1986 when they came into power and keeping it that way.”

“We have had a female Vice President; have a female Speaker of Parliament; many female judges, including in the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal and three female Vice Chancellors out of 7 public Universities,” she said.

She challenged men to be powerful in the role they play in the transformation of a woman’s life saying; “when a man chooses to play his role as a husband, father and colleague to support the women in his life, he provides an invaluable platform for women to excel.”

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