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MUBS celebrates International Women’s day

March 8th is an International Women’s day celebrating the women to be confident enough and work towards getting to top positions in organizations The traditional society has denied women of
certain rights that are ordinarily enjoyed by men. Society has tended to believe that women
cannot do certain things that are ordinarily done by men and for this reason women have been
disadvantaged. It is common that in many African homes women are relegated to the kitchen along with other domestic chores. These include looking after children among others.


It has been established that women can perform those tasks that are done by men just as well. As a result, there is an effort to bring women to the table to join men in addressing world problems. This marginalization has resulted into stereotyping. Society now believes that there are certain things that women can and cannot do. This has made women lose confidence in themselves. It has made them look at themselves as incapable of doing certain things and this of course has worsened the problem. MUBS management came up with the concept of the MUBS Women’s Forum as fora for promoting gender equality focusing primarily on students.

The Forum is supported by the MUBS three outreach Centres; The Career Guidance Centre, Leadership Centre and Entrepreneurship Centre. There is a monthly forum that causes a discussion of topical gender issues, speakers are invited to address students on topical issues that affect them. These monthly forums culminate into the annual event of the International Women’s day. The day was addressed by a panel of speakers including the current Miss Uganda, Ms. Leah Kagasa, CoI. Felix Kulaigye and Dr. Annet Nabatanzi. It was chaired by Dr. Miria Matembe.

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