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21st AIMC 2016 Doctoral symposium:Prof. Buyinza Mukadasi

The 21st Annual International Management Conference kicked off with a Doctoral Symposium at the MUBS Campus Nakawa. PhD students presented their research work and received comments from experts in the areas of their research.

MUBS has a duty of ensuring  quality of its programmes and products and I want to sincerely thank Prof. J.C. Munene for the continued interest in graduate training programs”,  noted  Prof.  Buyinza Mukadasi, Director-Directorate of Graduate Studies & Research, Makerere University. He was one of the key note speakers at the 21st AIMC, doctoral symposium.

I want to a sure you that what Prof. Munene and team are doing here is very good and that is the way to go. You have to offer academic excellence; you must have committed people that offer the research leadership in this Country. When you have a team that can mentor the young early career researchers, then we know for sure that we are building a committed school of early career researchers. And this is our commitment as a Country.

Of course, it goes without saying that when you are a Doctoral student, the expectations are quite high. We expect you to be on top of the game. You choose a topic of your choice and become a master in that field. What we need from our researchers is constructive input. They have an idea, they need to formulate that idea into a research problem and that takes a little bit of
time. However, as they do that, We call for independent analytical thinking. I do not want you to come here and present and say that according to the model of so and so. Question is, what have you done to that model? It exists. It is a theory, we know it exists, and many people have used it. We want to see your originality. What brains are you putting into that model? That is when you own it and that is when we credit you for being analytical and having synthesized the issue.

As PhD students, we want you to contribute to the internationalization of MUBS. Question is, how do you do that? We want you to engage in multi-institutional, multi-discipline and even cross cultural studies. And what you are doing is exactly that, I want to hear the opinions and impressions from across the globe, for example Nigeria, etc. How are they doing it. For the Doctoral students here, please take advantage of the Doctoral Symposium such that you pick best practices from these participants.

Bottom line is, as a University, we want to encourage just like other premier universities are doing to conduct impact for research. We want you to come up with research projects that will impact, that will touch the lives of Ugandans. How do you do that, you have to do it with your Doctoral team. You have to think through your problem and see how best you really conduct
your project such that in the end it’ll not only end up into an academic publication but rather end up into transforming society. That is the way to go.

On the side of MUBS, I want you to do all what it takes to encourage mobility of our Doctoral students such that they can go and disseminate their research findings in international forums, they can learn the innovations and new practices out there. As a University, our commitment is providing an enabling environment and we shall always do that.

As MUBS, I want us also to adopt a new model of doing things that is collaborative research projects. I want to see most of these presentations with the bylines of Prof. Munene, Dr. Ngoma , Prof. Ntayi and some other senior researcher outside this Country. In that way, MUBS will have taken onto the collaborative approach of research and that is the way to go. It enhances visibility,
it strengthens your international profile but also in a way, you get to know the different research opportunities out there.

want to commend MUBS for the commitment to continue building and grooming the next generation of academics both in Uganda and beyond and this has been done through research.

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