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Awards of Certificates to MUBS Alumni & Staff in the Faculty of Computing & Management Science

The function in recognition of both staff and students who performed well in the (FCMS) was held in the main library on Friday April 8, 2016. Assoc. Prof. Musa Moya who is the Dean in the faculty and who also doubled as the MC told the audience of the day that credits are always given where they are deserved. He thanked both staff and the students for their good performances in the courses they undertook. He divided the academicians into two categories i.e. those that did their exams in the academic year 2013/2014 and those that sat for their papers in the academic year 2014/2015. The staff and the students were awarded certificates in various disciplines and grades. He thanked them for the good discipline they exhibited during the course of their studies in MUBS and wished them success wherever they go.Prof. Moya advised them always to aim higher if they are to succeed in life. He could not hide his joy when he mentioned, Dr. Ahimbisibwe, one of the lecturers at MUBS, after being awarded a certificate as the best researcher in the Department of procurement.

While addressing the same audience, the deputy Principal of MUBS, Dr. Moses Muhwezi congratulated the students and the staff for uplifting the name of MUBS. He said that for those ones that got first class, they should be of quality class even at their places of work. He advised them that being at the top does not guarantee you to be the best in all areas. You should be excellent in whatever you do and this shall open for you better avenues in life. He assured his audience who were awarded with various certificates that he expects them also to do well in the tasks that lay a head of them. Be good examples to others and then others shall follow also your steps.

Dr. Muhwezi thanked the Dean (FCMS), lecturers and the Management for the good work done for their students. He urged them to even do more to uplift the standard of education in MUBS. He gave them an open invitation to those who received their awards in different areas to come again and upgrade their levels of education in the great institution.

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