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Bachelor of Business Computing


The changes that have taken place in the global economy in the last 20 years have been driven primarily by businesses in their search for competitive advantage. Businesses have come up with new products driven primarily by new technologies. A central element in business has been the computer. Most of the processes in business have been computerized including accounts, human resources databases, production processes, invoicing and data collection. The process of computerizing in the country has been slow because of the high cost of computers. However many of the organizations have now acquired computers and are adapting their businesses to modern computerized businesses.

This programme is intended to provide people who can assist not only in the process of computerized business processes but help to run the computers themselves in business organizations.

Career Prospects

  • Systems Analysts
  • Network Administrator
  • Accountant Assistants
  • Website Administrator
  • Office Administrator
  • Database Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Programmers
  • System Designers
  • Bankers

Admission Requirements

Possession of U.C.E Certificate & 2 Principal passes at (U.A.C.E).
Essential: Two best done of the all Alevel subjects
Relevant: third best done of all A’ level subjects

Description for the Bachelor of Business Computing

ACC1103 Principles of Accounting
BBA1106 Business Administration
BUC1107 Principles of ICT
MGT1105 Business Communication Skills
BUC1207 Programming Principles for Business
BUC1210 Business Software Applications
BUC1211 ICT Fundamentals
FIN1214 Principles of Economics
MRK1201 Principles of Marketing
BUC2101 Systems Analysis and Design
BUC2102 Computerised Accounting
BUC2120 Software Modeling for Business
FIN2115 Financial Management
BBC2221 Programming in Java or Oracle
BUC2103 Information Systems Development and Management
BUC2204 E-Business and Web Designing
BUC2210 Computerized Investment Appraisal
COM2202 Business Law
MGS2206 Business Statistics
BBC2301 Field Attachement
BAD3111 Strategic Management
BBC3123 Business Telecommunications
BUC3104 Corporate Data base Management
BUC3106 Enterprise Network Adminstration & Management
MGS3117 Research Methods
MGT3102 Human Resource Management
BBC3210 ICT and Corporate Transformation
BUC3201 Business Software Engineering
BUC3202 Decision & Management Support Systems
MGT3205 Entreprenuership Development
MGT3206 Business Ethics
MGT3232 Project Report

Tuition and Fees

Tuition per Semester Tuition per Year
1,155,000 2,310,000
Other Fees
Registration Exams Medical Computer ID Guild
100,000 100,000 60,000 50,000 15,000 8,000
Research Library Gown Devt Internship Rules
20,000 20,000 16,000 123,500 112,500 2,000


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