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Field attachement


It is now mandatory for all students undertaking undergraduate degree programmes at Makerere University Business School to undertake field attachment/ industrial training/internship before they graduate. Field attachment has been decentralized to Faculties and Departments according to the programme of study as shown below: Faculty of management (BBA, BESBM, BHRM, BLG); Faculty of Commerce (Bcomm, Bsc Acctg, BA econ); Faculty of Marketing and Hospitality Management (BCH, BLHM, Bsc Mktg, BIB); Faculty of Computing and Management Science (BBC, BOIM, BPSM, BTLM, BBstat)

The term “Field Attachment” was adopted for all teaching units at Makerere University and it means any approved field based practical work carried out by staff and students for the purpose of teaching and / or research in places outside the University control but where the University is responsible for the safety of its staff, students and others exposed to their activities. The Objectives of field attachment are: To enable students get hands-on experience real-life situation they are expected to work in when they graduate; To provide an opportunity for students to apply the principles and techniques theoretically learnt into real-life problem solving situations; To provide an opportunity for students and academic staff to interact with the stakeholders and potential employers to appreciate field situations that will also generate information for curricula review and improvement; To develop student understanding of work ethics, employment demands, responsibilities and opportunities; To enhance and strengthen linkages between Makerere University and various stakeholders.   
Expected benefits from the field attachment
University Partners are expected to: get an opportunity to be involved in the training and review of programs at Makerere University, be exposed to a pool of potential employees from which to select, reduce on the costs of induction/orientation of new employees and get additional human resource for effective and efficient service delivery.
Makerere University Business School (MUBS) will get opportunity to appreciate client demands and the quality of graduate required to fulfill these demands. Additionally, as a result of cooperation the potential for research will be enhanced and developed  with the various partners.  MUBS will get opportunity to access training facilities and resources that are not available at Makerere University.
University Partners

  1. Shall participate in the planning, supervision and evaluation of the students on field attachment.
  2. Will provide on-site technical and professional guidance to the students on field attachment throughout the field attachment period.
  3. Will provide feedback to the University on the experience of the field attachment program.
  4. Will commit their organizational facilities and/or resources for effective implementation of the field attachment program.
  5. Will engage in a mutual learning exercise together with the students and staff of Makerere University.
  6. Will provide students on field attachment with a wide range of experiences that go beyond technical skills.
  7. Shall give accreditation and credit gains to students on field attachment

Expected benefits from the field attachment
1.  Will acquire new knowledge and practical experiences,
2.  Will improve their confidence in problem solving.
3.  Opportunity to relate to different categories of                 people likely to be met in the real-life situation.
4.  Will gain exposure to the demands and challenges of the work place.
5.  Will get opportunity to meet and work with potential employers.
6.  Will have improved appreciation of the profession and therefore better work ethics

Roles and responsibilities of students
1.  Shall take field attachment as part and parcel of their training at Makerere University and have positive attitude towards learning by practice.
2.  Shall respect all field supervisors and any other persons they interact with throughout their field attachment period regardless of their background training and social differentiation,
3.  Should work willingly wherever they are posted/attached.
4.  Should develop the day-to-day work plans with their field supervisors.

Please note that you will be required to go for field attachment training at the end of year I and year II semester 2,  Your curriculum requires you to undergo field attachment training for' a period of not less than sixteen weeks done either in one or in two semesters (cumulatively) before you graduate. The. purpose of field attachment is to produce practically oriented graduates who, meet the required job-related competences of the future employers. It also serves as a linkage between the University and various stakeholders who consume services and or graduates of the University.

You will be assigned supervisors by the faculty field attachment coordinator from the field attachment coordination office.

Please note that, the MUBS field attachment office has a number of faculty and/or programme specific field attachment coordinators. These are your first contact point and directly handle all your field attachment challenges and inquiries.

After your field attachment period, the MUBS field attachment office shall post copies of your compiled summary of results to student's notice boards, faculty notice boards and the student's guild for viewing. Please note that the field attachment office SHALL NOT accept final field attachment reports from students who don't have continuous assessment results. A certificate of due performance shall only be awarded to students who possess continuous field attachment progress and assessment reports.


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