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The Department of Management Science was started in 2007. The bulk of the staff then were former staff of the Department of management who were handling cross cutting Mathematical and statistical courses (that is; Quantitative Methods and Business Statistics).
The first Head, Department of Management Science was then Ms. Agnes Nassuna now Mrs. Agnes Kasirye. The Department initially shared office space with the Department of Business Computing in Main Building, Room 1.9 before both Departments were moved to the Guest House flats.
It started with one program, i.e., the Bachelor of Business Statistics with approximately 10 Students and the number has now over 450.
Currently the Department is finalizing approval of the Bachelor of Science In Management Science and Masters of Operations Research programmes. It is hoped that will be started in the 2016/17 academic year.

The Department operates under the Faculty of Computing and Management Science. And also spearheads the teaching of quantitative subjects at Certificate, Diploma, Degree and Post graduate studies. It also houses Business Research skills and its variants including Field Attachment.

About The Head Of Departement

Eng. Dickinson Dunstan Turinawe is the Head of the Department of Management Science. He holds an MBA from Makarere University in Uganda where he also completed a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering with Honors. Presently, he is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Management Science.  Before joining Makarere University Business School, he worked with Uganda Airlines Corporation for a period spanning 22 years. In the Airline, he held a number of positions, notably, Chief Engineer, Head of Technical Services and General Manager/ Chief Executive Officer.He has worked with MUBS for 15 years. Before taking the current position, he was Head of the Department of Business Administration for a period of four years.

Word from the Head of Department
I have been the Head of the Department since December 2013 when I was transferred from the Department of Business Administration where I had served as a lecturer and Head of Department for 7 and 3 years respectively. My joining the Department of Management Science was like homecoming because I have a Quantitative background both as a student of double Mathematics at High school and Mechanical Engineering as a profession.

Business Statistics and Management Science tools are essential in facilitating planning and resource allocation. They provide indispensable tools in decision making especially for top and middle management. They provide informative interpretation of data and this leads to optimization of deployment of organizational resources. They aide management in identifying strategic control points, which facilitates delegation.

Without statistical tools research can be limited. Therefore Business statistics is appropriate in furthering knowledge in Business operations and management. It enables management to derive constructive meaning from Business data thus facilitating formulation of effective corporate strategy. In order to enhance modern management, a Bachelor of Science In Management Science programme at degree level has been developed. This programme will feed into a Masters of Operations Research.

 I cannot forget to mention that MUBS currently has very able and willing academic staff that discharge their responsibilities as a formidable team. The two areas of Business Statistics and Management Science, as expected, are inter-disciplinary courses for Business Education  and expertize and will continue to add value to services we offer to our clientele. True to our values, we pledge to render our services to our clientele unreservedly.  


A benchmark of providers of practical management science skills and knowledge in Africa and beyond


To enable and enhance clients productivity and competitiveness through the development of up to date management science skills and knoweldge.

overall staregic goal

To enhance the development and growth of the management science application in bussiness management in uganda ,Afica and beyond.

  • A time concious departement
  • A management modeling driven institiution
  • A coustomer oriented Departement
  • A professionally responsivie institution
  • A departement that facilitates generation of new ideas,productsand processes
  • A team driven Departement
  • An ethical and high integrity Departement

Currently the departments run one programme-Bachelor of Business Statistics
The department also has the mandate of facilitating key course units that feature on most of the Programmes in the Business School.These include: Business Statistics, Quantitative Methods, Elements of Production Management, Research Methods, Descriptive Statistics, Principles of Projects Operations Management, and Production Management.

Proposed Programmes
Developing two new programmes; Bachelor of Science in Management Science and Masters of Science in Operations Research

Short courses

Training in statistical packages



Bachelor of business statistics

  • Statisticians both in Government and Private Organisations
  • Business Data Analysts
  • Quality Control Managers
  • Resource personel in Research Organisations
  • Project managers
  • Operations Research Managers
  • Planners
  • Economic Analysts
  • Research Assistants
  • Tutors of statistics
  • Teaching Assistants
  • Lectuerers of Statistics
  • Data Collection Officers




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P.O. Box 1337 Kampala Uganda
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