The Alumni support the School through the Alumni fund due to a number of reasons;

  • To further promote MUBS as the centre of excellence and ensure that the legacy is passed on to the next generation of MUBS students
  • Invest in programs that are geared to making a difference in the world

No matter what reasons you have to contribute to the Alumni fund, we at MUBS surely believe that no gift is too small and every gift counts.

We have a number of projects that are in progress; however focus has been put on ICT education facilities.


The “acquisition of 200 computers” project was initiated with the aim to facilitate learning at Makerere University Business School. With the current student: computer ratios that are still high, this project will be of value to the students’ community in availing facilities that can be used for learning purposes.

To contribute to this fund, please contact the Alumni Office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.