About the Conference

The 12th Annual Entrepreneurship Conferenc


The MUBS Entrepreneurship Centre holds an Annual Entrepreneurship Conference in every year. The 12th Conference will be held between  November 9 -13, 2015.  MUBS has partnered with the Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University in the US to discuss topical issues on entrepreneurship focusing on Africa. In the last 4 years, Syracuse has hosted these Conferences in the United States in partnership in MUBS. These Conferences may be hosted by any of the partner universities. The Conferences which have been held in North America in the last five years are ordinarily held in May. This year, a conference was held in partnership with Syracuse University in the US.  The Centre will this year hold its 12th Annual Entrepreneurship Conference in partnership with Syracuse University.

The MUBS Entrepreneurship Conference is a week-long series of activities that involves:

i)     Training of selected vulnerable businesses

ii)   Business Exhibition

iii)  Business Conference

iv)  Academic Conference

The Conference is usually divided into two components including a Business Conference and an Academic Conference. The Business Conference is an opportunity for the MUBS Entrepreneurship community to interact with the practicing world.  The Business Conference is addressed primarily by entrepreneurs and policy makers in a non-academic environment. The Academic Conference is reserved for academic discussion including research papers, case studies and conceptual papers in the area of entrepreneurship.


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