No. Year Theme Conference Chair
22nd 2017 ( Sept 12 -15) The African Business: Environmental challenges, internationalisation opportunities and global threats
Dr. Edith M. Basalirwa
Deputy Chair : Dr. Isaac Magoola
21st  2016  African Business and Development in the Global economy Dr. Mohammad Ngoma
Deputy Chair : Dr. Vincent Bagire
20th 2015 Harnessing Opportunities for Business Development
19th 2014 Globalisation: Economic and Social Challenges for Sub-Saharan Africa  Assoc. Prof. Bakunda Geoffrey (PhD.),
Sserwanga Arthur (PhD.),
Ngoma Muhammed (PhD.),
18th  2013  Competitiveness for Productivity
17th  2012  Transiting to Medium Income Economy for African Countries Dr. Geoffrey Bakunda
Dr. Arthur Sserwanga
16th  2011 Re- Engineering the Human Resource Function in light of the changing Technology
15th  2010  ICT, The Next Big Thing in Africa’s Economic Growth
14th  2009  Trading out of poverty under the current economic crisis; Strategies
13th  2008  Moving the economy to the next level: Experiences
12th  2006  Stimulating Economic Growth and Development Through Small Business Development  Mr. Samuel Sejjaaka
11th  2006  The new economy and poverty alleviation : challenges for Africa’s economic growth and development
9th  2002  Industrialization and Innovation  Mr. Samuel Sejjaaka
8th  2001  Export Led Development  Mr. Samuel Sejjaaka
7th  2000  Coping with Economic and Technological change in the new millennium  Mr. Samuel Sejjaaka
6th  1999  Entrepreneurship, culture and Small Business Growth in Africa in the new millennium
4th 1997 Modernization of African Economies; Challenges and Strategies Mr. Samuel Sejjaaka
3rd 1996 Improving productivity in the African Enterprise; strategies Mr. Samuel Sejjaaka

Chief Conference Organizer: Ms. Serina N. Ateenyi, Director, Makerere University Business School